Our 2021 Launch

03 February 2021

We’re excited to be expanding CS in Schools nationally. In 2021, we are supporting schools across Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory, in addition to growing our successful Victorian programme. Overall, we are more than doubling the size of our programmes.

CS in Schools is now a national programme, with schools in QLD, the NT, SA, WA, and VIC.

CS in Schools will be supporting around 150 teachers at over 38 schools across Australia. Those teachers will be supported by more than 30 of our volunteer computing professionals from companies such as Carsales, SEEK, Atlassian, Xero, and CultureAmp. The teachers and volunteers will in turn help around 9,000 students learn what’s arguably the most important fundamental skill today: how to code.

We are also piloting an elective course that takes student skills to the real world and is aimed at students in Year 9. Students are set a challenge by industry powerhouses, including Domain and Carsales. These real-world problems need to be analysed and researched, and then the solutions are designed and created by students. Students work in a startup squad over a semester to find and create the best solution to the industry challenge. They then get the opportunity to pitch solutions to the company itself.

It’s going to be an exciting year at CS in Schools. We are beginning the programme in the classroom at most schools this week, and looking forward to feedback as we expand nationally and launch our new course. If you’re interested in getting involved in CS in Schools, we encourage reading our programme page.