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Join our programme and become a school with a strategic advantage in digital technology. Build a pathway to integrate digital technologies into all areas of the curriculum, help students get ahead with industry opportunities, and create unique industry connections to your school.

Through our programmes, your students and teachers will get access to major Australian technology companies, and your students will experience what it’s like to build real-world code. Over time, we will help you build the capability in your school and teachers to independently and successfully teach digital technology without our support.


We help your teachers teach students the fundamentals of coding, and connect those skills to the real-world using our industry-powered volunteer support and materials. We offer an introduction to coding course and a follow-on intermediate coding course, and these are typically taught to students aged 12 to 14. The intermediate course can be taught in a web browser or using the micro:bit hardware.

We have also developed follow-on elective courses that are aimed at students in Years 9 or 10. We have three courses at this level, graphical programming with Python, web fundamentals, and web apps with Anvil. We’re working on a new data science and AI course for 2024.

We will build towards further industry internships and opportunities.


We build from the basics of digital technology, with a focus on coding in the Python programming language, to working with industry on challenging problems in the senior years of secondary school. You can explore our resources by clicking here: course resources

Introductory coding courses
Intermediate Coding courses
Industry mentors, work experience and internships, industry challenges

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