CS in Schools is a free industry-supported programme for secondary school teachers. It helps teachers learn how to successfully teach coding.

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Why do we exist?

Digital technology is compulsory in most states at most year levels in Australia. However, we’ve found that most schools struggle to teach digital technology. In particular, there’s a shortage of teachers who feel qualified to teach coding, and most successful coding classes are run outside of school hours.

We believe that today’s teachers can effectively teach coding if they’re supported through in-class professional development.

What do we do to help?

We’ve built a successful in-class professional development programme for teachers that helps schools build a robust digital technology capability in their students.

We put volunteer computing professionals in the classroom as partners to school teachers, and they help teachers build confidence and skills in teaching students to code. CS in Schools provides everything that’s needed for free: the volunteer, the lessons, assignments, a training workshop, an online community, and the software.

Our work with a school teacher is successful when they don’t need us anymore, that is, they feel great about teaching students to code. Usually, this takes half a year for our Year 7 programme, that is, two school terms or one school semester.

We also offer mentoring to teachers who feel they only need out-of-class support. In addition, our materials are available online for teachers who just want to download and use them.

What programmes do we offer?

We have fully launched a programme for Year 7, which is a ten week coding subject. In 2020, we’re also piloting a new Year 8 subject with teachers who are returning to the programme. We will offer Year 9 and Year 10 programmes in the future.

In 2020, we will be working with around 60 Australian teachers to help them successfully teach coding.

If you’re interested in having CS in Schools at your school, there’s more information here.

What does it cost?

CS in Schools is free to schools or teachers. It is funded by generous donations.

If you’re interested in contributing, you can donate. CS in Schools is part of RMIT University, and RMIT University is a Deductible Gift Recipient. If you’re considering donating to support our work, please contact us.

How do I learn more?

If you’re a school or a teacher, and you want to teach coding, start by visiting our schools page.

If you’re a computing professional, and you’d like to help a teacher in the classroom, start by visiting our volunteers page.

If you’d simply like to learn more, take a look at these resources: