Our Mission

CS in Schools is creating sustainable change in Australian digital technology education. We help schools create relevant and meaningful education by building industry connections with schools, providing a complete DigiTech pathway for all secondary students, and developing teacher confidence to teach digital technology.

About our Programmes

We help students get ahead, create industry connections, and build pathways to integrate digital technologies into all areas of the curriculum.

We do this by building long-term partnerships with schools and school executives, and through a world-class, unique professional development experience for teachers that is supported by industry and volunteer computing professionals.

CS in Schools provides everything for free. There is no cost to schools or teachers.

We are an Australian registered charity and are supported by generous philanthropic donations.

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Co-Founders, Selina Williams, Hugh Williams, and Kristy Kendall

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For schools

We provide free professional development to teachers and support to school executives to transform digital technology education in schools. We do this using our strong partnerships with industry.

We help schools succeed in DigiTech education by:

  • developing teacher competencies to teach digital technology
  • providing a complete DigiTech pathway for secondary students
  • building a pathway to integrate digital technologies into all areas of the curriculum
  • helping students get ahead with unique industry opportunities
  • creating industry connections with schools
  • solving the problem of teaching the Australian Digital Technology Curriculum
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For Volunteers

CS in Schools is looking for volunteer computing professionals who want to give something back by helping Australian secondary school teachers teach coding in their classrooms.

If you’d like to help coding be taught effectively in schools, this is a great chance to make a difference by helping a teacher develop their skills.

You can make a difference to Australian education, and help build a stronger diverse population of students who might consider computing as their career path. You’ll also have fun, meet people, and help teachers and students succeed at school.

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CS in Schools on Channel 7 news

There will be over 100,000 new IT jobs created in Australia by 2024, but Australia has fewer than 7,000 university-qualified IT graduates each year. We believe that university entrants aren’t choosing IT programmes because many don’t get the opportunity to study engaging digital technology courses at school. It’s critical for Australia’s future that we address this problem.

Watch the video below to see the story of CS in Schools and McClelland College featured on the Channel 7 news.

CS in Schools on Channel 7 news

Learn about our successful partnership with McClelland College to help students learn industry-relevant digital technology.