Spring Update 2022

24 October 2022

It’s been another great year at CS in Schools! As many of you know, we’ve had the goal of doubling the number of schools that we support each year and we’re recently hit that goal for 2022.

CS in Schools6340218
Education Perfect9
Australian Secondary schools in the CS in Schools programmes from 2019 to 2022. We’ve hit our goal every year and we’re aiming to work with 128 schools in 2023.

Schools in the Programme

We have 72 schools teaching our courses this year and engaged with our team, exceeding our goal of 64 schools. There are 36 in Vic, 8 in NSW, 14 in QLD, 8 in SA, 2 in WA, 2 in Tas, 1 in the ACT, and 1 in the NT. If you know a school that should be involved, ask them to send us a note at hello@csinschools.com.

CS in Schools is working with 72 secondary schools in every state and territory in Australia. Schools that we work with directly are shown in red and schools that we work with through Education Perfect are shown in green.

Of the 72 schools, 1 is an all-boys school and 14 are all-girls schools. Our commitment as founders has always been that there will be more girls studying coding than boys and we are currently well-and-truly meeting that commitment.

Of the 68 schools that have ICSEA values, only 23 have a value of 1000 or lower. ICSEA stands for the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage and it gives an indication of the socio-educational backgrounds of students (and it has nothing to do with the school itself). The average in Australia is 1000. Given our bias to wanting to support schools with lower education advantage, we would like to increase the number of schools we support with low ICSEA scores in 2023.

Today, there are 67 additional schools engaged in using our materials through the Education Perfect (EP) platform that we are not counting towards our goal; this is over and above the 73 schools reported above. Because we’re not actively engaged with these schools and it’s their first year using our materials, we’ve decided not to count them in our total for 2022. However, of course, it’s incredibly exciting to see so many schools engaging with our materials!

Students in the Programmes

We are on track to having over 30,000 students learning to code on our csinschools.io website in 2022. Earlier this week, we exceeded 1 million page views for the year.

Term 3 was our strongest school term in usage and included our best two weeks and several of our best days ever (as you can see in the graph below). The start to term 4 has been strong.

Website usage of csinschools.io for the 2022 school year, January 31 to today (October 24).

Around 89% of the students are from Australia. Around 4.5% are from the US and 1.3% are from the Netherlands. We have not done anything outside of Australia to promote our work.

There are several thousand users using our materials through Education Perfect that are additional to the 30,000 above. Optimistically, we may reach 40,000 students this year through all channels.

Teachers in the Programme

There are more than 170 teachers using our materials from the 73 schools we are working with in 2022. We believe the number is likely closer to 250, with many schools independently adding teachers to the programmes. This is up from 150 teachers in 2021, 64 in 2020, and 10 in 2019.