What programmes are available?

We have launched a Year 7 programme and can see it here.

Our Year 7 programme is designed to be taught over 10 consecutive weeks with around 2 hours of contact time per week for 20 hours of contact time in total. It’s broken down into 20 lessons, where each lesson is designed to be 1 hour in length.

The programme covers basic programming concepts in Python, including:

  • What is coding, what is used for, and why is it important?
  • Using the online repl.it programming environment
  • Basic input and output
  • Variables and variable assignment
  • Simple variable types, including strings and integers
  • Decisions and branching using if and else and elif
  • Simple loops, using goto
  • A capstone assignment where students build their own, imaginative text adventure game

We are currently revising our Year 7 programme after three terms of testing in the classroom. The new version will be released for testing in Term 4, 2019, and fully launched for the 2020 programme.

What programmes are you building?

We are busy building a new Year 8 programme. We plan to test this with a handful of schools in 2020, and we will launch it to all schools in 2021.

It’ll be an extension of our Year 7 programme, and include more advanced material:

  • More complex programs that teach students how to solve real-world problems
  • More advanced programming concepts, including:
    • Loops using while and for
    • More advanced decisions and branching using else and elif
    • Calling functions and writing functions
    • Using built-in Python libraries
    • Testing and debugging code
  • Practical classes using Edison robots that are easily programmed in Python

In 2020, we will build a Year 9 elective for testing in 2021. In 2021, we will build a Year 10 elective for testing in 2022.