September Update

We’re deep into planning our 2020 programme for CS in Schools, and spending our time building new curriculum, recruiting schools and teachers, and recruiting volunteers to support them. We’re close to full-up on teachers for 2020, but we’re very keen to hear from potential volunteers: learn more and apply here.

We’ll be working with somewhere between 60 and 80 Australian secondary school teachers in 2020, and helping them develop their professional skills in teaching coding to their students. By training 60 teachers, more than 6,000 students each year will have the opportunity to learn how to code in 2020. If we reach 80 teachers, our impact will be at least 8,000 students. Of course, since our programme develops teachers’ skills, those teachers can continue to help more students learn coding in future years.


Mount Erin College teacher Sam explaining indentation to his students

As of September 30, we have committed to work with 54 teachers from 25 schools across Victoria and we’re talking to around 10 more schools (including two in New South Wales and one in Queensland). We still have the bold aim of working with 1,000 teachers across Australia in 2021.

Our volunteer recruiting is moving into full swing for 2020. We’ll need between 50 and 70 volunteers to support our teachers. If you’re an individual and you’re confident that you could help a Year 7 teacher and their students, you can learn more and apply here. Having said that, the biggest impact you can have is inviting us to meet your tech team at your workplace — email if you can help. We’d love the chance to work with more companies.

The teachers in our programme this year have taught our Year 7 curriculum for three terms, and they’re readying for a fourth term. We’ve been through two revisions of the materials, and we’re currently revising the materials for a third time: they’ll be thoroughly battle-tested and ready for our 2020 teacher and volunteer cohort. If you’ve not seen our materials, and you’d like a sneak peak, then head over here:


Volunteer Nancy Do from SEEK helping in the classroom

Speaking of teachers in the programme this year: we’re excited to share that every teacher is returning to CS in Schools next year. They’ll all be teaching our new Year 8 beta programme that extends our Year 7 programme, and continuing to develop their skills in teaching coding. Of course, that means that every school in the programme is continuing with us in 2020. Most returning schools are adding at least one more teacher to the programme; one of the schools is expanding from a pilot of one Year 7 class to twenty-three classes!

There’s more to share, but I’ll save some news for our October update. Stay tuned!

Cheers, Hugh (on behalf of Selina and Kristy and the whole team).


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